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One-Way Vision Window Films

Add the ultimate in privacy without the costs of one-way glass with vinyl. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we offer one-way vision window films capable of protecting your privacy while simultaneously adding style and beauty.

What Is One-Way Vision Window Vinyl?

You may be more familiar with this material as a one-way window graphic, perforated window graphics or perhaps mirrored reflective one-way film. They’re ultimately the same thing – an affordable, custom vinyl application that allows you to see out, but blocks the view from outside.

How Can One-Way Vision Vinyl Be Used?

Like other vinyl applications, perforated window graphics are incredibly customisable. They are particularly useful with automobiles, where they can be applied to passenger windows and other areas of the vehicle where privacy is desirable. However, they can also be used in many other applications, including:

  • Restaurant windows
  • Retail store windows
  • Office doors
  • Window walls
  • Residential windows and doors
  • Factories
  • Coastal / waterfront glazed balustrading & windows.

How it works

Simple, you just need a blank surface on a glazed window, apply the one-way film to whichever side of the glass gets more light, and presto, the other side becomes invincible.

Benefits of One-Way Vision Films

One-way vision films offer many critical benefits. Perhaps the most important is that they are not permanent – you can easily remove the vinyl when necessary. They are also far more affordable than one-way glass while still delivering comparable performance. Of course, our perforated window vinyl can also be custom designed with images and colours on the exterior to augment branding or to help achieve a specific aesthetic.

Our mirrored one-way vision film also has a set of benefits that are ideal for businesses & residential housing that require privacy. If your business or home glazing is susceptible to the morning or afternoon damaging UV sun rays, this will not only increase your heating & cooling costs, but be detrimental to your skin, interior cabinetry, floors, carpets & curtains. Our mirrored film saves you money by improving energy efficiency, lowering operational costs of air conditioning & conserving your expensive furnishings of fading by blocking 99% of ultraviolet light.

Another excellent benefit is the Reduction of glare by upto 90%. Mirrored One-Way film can reduce glare to computer screens, tv’s and projectors screens.

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