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We're proud to offer Melbourne & interstate customers access to a wide range of custom window graphics solutions.


Vinyl Options Galore

At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we believe in offering our clients the widest range of options possible for custom window graphics. We deliver customised solutions made with high-quality vinyl that will stand the test of time and deliver the aesthetics your business needs. Choose from standard vinyl, coloured vinyl, and frosted vinyl to name just a few of your options. We can cut out designs, print on the vinyl surface, and more in order to deliver the window graphics you need.

Interior and Exterior Solutions

Vinyl has a role to play within and without your business, but the right material should be chosen for each application. We offer interior and exterior vinyl to maximise visibility and branding potential while ensuring a long-lasting graphics solution. We can even offer DDA vinyl strips for compliance on clear glazing.

Privacy Bands

Embarking on an office fitout and want to improve privacy? Our privacy bands can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. No matter the size or scope of your office, we help create the sense of privacy you need while maintaining openness for light transmission and ensuring a healthy office environment.

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Frosted Vinyl / Etched Window Films

Looking for a way to add style and privacy to windows and glass walls? Frosted vinyl delivers a flexible, beautiful solution. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we specialise in helping our clients find the perfect solution for their home or business, including window frosting.

Frosted Vinyl / Etched Window Films

Frosted vinyl is translucent but not transparent. Sometimes referred to as etched or sandblasted film, it allows light to enter through a window, door, or window wall, but offers privacy and security because it blocks at least part of the view. Sandblasting offers the same look but costs a great deal more and is quite time-consuming. Frosted vinyl offers an identical aesthetic for a faction of the cost. Unlike sandblasting, which is permanent, frosted vinyl can be changed at any point without the need to remove and replace the underlying glass.

Styles of Frosted Vinyl

You’ll find a wide range of window frosting styles available through Window n’ Wall Graphics. We’re proud to offer multiple options to help meet your needs, including:

Reverse Cut: Reverse cut frosted vinyl offers outstanding privacy, while still providing the means to include an image and/or wording. The logo/wording is transparent (cut out) while the rest of the design is translucent.

Standard Cut: Standard cut frosted vinyl is ideal for adding a company’s name and logo to doors, windows, and other glass but does not offer the same privacy as other solutions.

Printed: Want to add colour and privacy? Printed frosted vinyl can do the trick. Choose from a range of colours to match your stylistic needs or your existing logo while blocking at least part of the view through the door or window.

Blank: Blank frosted vinyl is an excellent solution for commercial, industrial, and even residential windows where privacy is wanted and there is no need for a design. It can be installed over an entire window or other glass surface, or in bands at different heights to create a unique look and feel.

A Range of Types: In addition to the styles mentioned above, frosted vinyl is available in a number of tips, including crystal glass, etched film, frosted sparkle, haze, and numerous others. Each offers a different amount of light transmission and provides more or less privacy to suit your unique needs and goals.

Benefits of Frosted and Etched Window Films

Frosted vinyl and etched window films deliver a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Privacy
  • Improved security
  • Can be used with DDA safety and compliance glazing bands
  • Versatile enough for residential, commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings
  • Custom printed to improve branding
  • Helps with heat/cooling retention
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Decorative Vinyl Window Graphics

What Are Decorative Vinyl Graphics?

Decorative vinyl graphics are precisely what they sound like – custom designed and cut pieces of vinyl film that add a decorative flare to spaces and objects. These films can be transparent, translucent, or opaque, and all varieties can be coloured to match branding needs and can help you achieve any aesthetic you might want. They work well in:
  • Healthcare settings where privacy is needed
  • Residential settings to add colour, beauty, and style, as well as privacy
  • Commercial settings where brand-building is required
  • And in many other areas

Styles of Decorative Vinyl Graphics

At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we’re capable of creating decorative vinyl graphics in virtually any style you might want. Whether you’re looking for a way to add a bit of colour to your foyer, reinforce your company values, foster the ideal work environment, or something else, these films work perfectly. We can offer:
  • Calendared vinyl films in various colours and finishes cut into specific shapes
  • Clear film with your company’s graphics and colour blends embedded
  • Transparent coloured vinyl that delivers stained glass-like beauty and life

Where Can Decorative Vinyl Films Be Used?

Vinyl is incredibly versatile and decorative graphics can be applied to almost any surface. We’ve worked with clients to create and install decorative vinyl graphics on office doors, windows, reception desks, ceilings, floors, residences, and even on buses to expand marketing reach. Really, the potential uses are limitless. Whether you’re interested in adding colour and life, improving privacy, or simply adding a bit of eye-catching design to a space, decorative vinyl graphics films can help.

Turn to Window n’ Wall Graphics for the custom solution you need.

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One-Way Vision Window Films

Add the ultimate in privacy without the costs of one-way glass with vinyl. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we offer one-way vision window films capable of protecting your privacy while simultaneously adding style and beauty.

What Is One-Way Vision Window Vinyl?

You may be more familiar with this material as a one-way window graphic, perforated window graphics or perhaps mirrored reflective one-way film. They’re ultimately the same thing – an affordable, custom vinyl application that allows you to see out, but blocks the view from outside.

How Can One-Way Vision Vinyl Be Used?

Like other vinyl applications, perforated window graphics are incredibly customisable. They are particularly useful with automobiles, where they can be applied to passenger windows and other areas of the vehicle where privacy is desirable. However, they can also be used in many other applications, including:

  • Restaurant windows
  • Retail store windows
  • Office doors
  • Window walls
  • Residential windows and doors
  • Factories
  • Coastal / waterfront glazed balustrading & windows.

How it works

Simple, you just need a blank surface on a glazed window, apply the one-way film to whichever side of the glass gets more light, and presto, the other side becomes invincible.

Benefits of One-Way Vision Films

One-way vision films offer many critical benefits. Perhaps the most important is that they are not permanent – you can easily remove the vinyl when necessary. They are also far more affordable than one-way glass while still delivering comparable performance. Of course, our perforated window vinyl can also be custom designed with images and colours on the exterior to augment branding or to help achieve a specific aesthetic.

Our mirrored one-way vision film also has a set of benefits that are ideal for businesses & residential housing that require privacy. If your business or home glazing is susceptible to the morning or afternoon damaging UV sun rays, this will not only increase your heating & cooling costs, but be detrimental to your skin, interior cabinetry, floors, carpets & curtains. Our mirrored film saves you money by improving energy efficiency, lowering operational costs of air conditioning & conserving your expensive furnishings of fading by blocking 99% of ultraviolet light.

Another excellent benefit is the Reduction of glare by upto 90%. Mirrored One-Way film can reduce glare to computer screens, tv’s and projectors screens.

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DDA Compliant Visual Alert Glazing Bands & Decals

Add the ultimate in privacy without the costs of one-way glass with vinyl. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we offer one-way vision window films capable of protecting your privacy while simultaneously adding style and beauty.

Visual Alert Glazing Bands and Other Indicators

You may be more familiar with this material as a one-way window graphic, perforated window graphics or perhaps mirrored reflective one-way film. They’re ultimately the same thing – an affordable, custom vinyl application that allows you to see out, but blocks the view from outside.

When it comes to glazing, a frosted glass film is often applied. This can be white or various other colours and is adhered as bands over the glass. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we ensure bands are installed to meet current Australian building regulations in residential and commercial settings across the Victoria metropolitan area.

Current regulations requirements are to have the visual alert band installed no lower than 900 mm & no higher than 1100 mm from floor level.

Areas That Do Not Require Visual Alerts

The building codes that pertain to visual strips, decals, and bands include AS 1428.1 – 2009 and 1288 – 2006. There are several situations where the glass isn’t at risk of being considered a doorway or an opening. If these apply to your glass, the alert strips aren’t required:

  • The width of the glass panel is equal to or more than 500mm
  • The height of the panel is 1,000mm or more
  • The opening’s lowest point is 500mm or more from the ground or floor
  • The glass glazing is patterned, opaque, or leadlight
  • Regarding chair and crash rails, the handrail or other component is in place and has upper edges of no less than 700mm or the bottom edge isn’t more than 1,000mm from the floor
  • Glass panels are louvres and have a blade width of equal to or less than 230mm
  • The provided glazing protects a difference in level of at least 1,000mm

If your glass doesn’t meet these requirements, you need visual alerts to ensure safety to workers, employees, and other individuals.

Adding bands, decals, or other visual indicators to glass panels is done to accommodate individuals with low vision or blindness. Many diseases or accidents can cause these medical conditions. Eye issues can also be congenital or caused through exposure to chemicals or sunlight. Adding visual indicators is useful for those with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, keratoconus, and more.

Glazing Band Design Options

Many companies choose to go for the most uncomplicated design with visual bands. This is a simple 75mm band of a single colour. However, there are alternatives that can make your business or home stand out from the masses.

Another option is using a 125mm band that is thicker than the traditional band. It has the typical 75mm band on the bottom with a 50mm band above. The band is larger than average and can include a logo on the band’s smaller section. This gives businesses a chance to market themselves in a new way.

Bands can also use more than one colour to add visual interest. For instance, the required band could be one colour, while the part with the logo is a colour associated with your brand. Bands and visual indicators can be creative and exciting. You can use your imagination as long as a 75mm band of a single colour is part of the design.

If your preference is to only have a privacy band of frosted etch vinyl at example width of 600 mm upto 1524 mm (with or without incorporating a design within the film) this negates the need to have a visual alert band, only if the base of the privacy band is applied no greater than 1100 mm from floor level.

At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we offer various solutions for large glass panels that need to be DDA compliant. Get in touch with us to speak with a professional about your options. We offer graphic design, manufacturing, and installation services. We also have a broad array of signs for indoor and outdoor use. We’re happy to help you with your compliance project from beginning to end!  


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