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DDA Compliant Visual Alert Glazing Bands & Decals

Australian building code has several requirements related to adding glazing bands or visual indicators to large pieces of glass. The codes state that any continuous glass section that might appear to be a doorway or opening should be considered a hazard. Therefore, it’s required to include a glazing band or other visual indicators that glass is present. This is one of many building regulations put in place to keep people safe.

Visual Alert Glazing Bands and Other Indicators

Most of the time, a visual indicator will be applied to a building that is already built. It acts to ensure the space is accessible for everyone. An indicator like a glazing band or a decal (sometimes referred as a safety sticker) helps draw attention and highlight something that would be hazardous if someone wasn’t aware of it. Essentially, these indicators help ensure safety for everyone who enters an area.

When it comes to glazing, a frosted glass film is often applied. This can be white or various other colours and is adhered as bands over the glass. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we ensure bands are installed to meet current Australian building regulations in residential and commercial settings across the Victoria metropolitan area.

Current regulations requirements are to have the visual alert band installed no lower than 900 mm & no higher than 1100 mm from floor level.

Areas That Do Not Require Visual Alerts

The building codes that pertain to visual strips, decals, and bands include AS 1428.1 – 2009 and 1288 – 2006. There are several situations where the glass isn’t at risk of being considered a doorway or an opening. If these apply to your glass, the alert strips aren’t required:

  • The width of the glass panel is equal to or more than 500mm
  • The height of the panel is 1,000mm or more
  • The opening’s lowest point is 500mm or more from the ground or floor
  • The glass glazing is patterned, opaque, or leadlight
  • Regarding chair and crash rails, the handrail or other component is in place and has upper edges of no less than 700mm or the bottom edge isn’t more than 1,000mm from the floor
  • Glass panels are louvres and have a blade width of equal to or less than 230mm
  • The provided glazing protects a difference in level of at least 1,000mm

If your glass doesn’t meet these requirements, you need visual alerts to ensure safety to workers, employees, and other individuals.

The Reason Glazing Bands Are Required

Adding bands, decals, or other visual indicators to glass panels is done to accommodate individuals with low vision or blindness. Many diseases or accidents can cause these medical conditions. Eye issues can also be congenital or caused through exposure to chemicals or sunlight. Adding visual indicators is useful for those with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, keratoconus, and more.

Glazing Band Design Options

Many companies choose to go for the most uncomplicated design with visual bands. This is a simple 75mm band of a single colour. However, there are alternatives that can make your business or home stand out from the masses.

Another option is using a 125mm band that is thicker than the traditional band. It has the typical 75mm band on the bottom with a 50mm band above. The band is larger than average and can include a logo on the band’s smaller section. This gives businesses a chance to market themselves in a new way.

Bands can also use more than one colour to add visual interest. For instance, the required band could be one colour, while the part with the logo is a colour associated with your brand. Bands and visual indicators can be creative and exciting. You can use your imagination as long as a 75mm band of a single colour is part of the design.

If your preference is to only have a privacy band of frosted etch vinyl at example width of 600 mm upto 1524 mm (with or without incorporating a design within the film) this negates the need to have a visual alert band, only if the base of the privacy band is applied no greater than 1100 mm from floor level.

At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we offer various solutions for large glass panels that need to be DDA compliant. Get in touch with us to speak with a professional about your options. We offer graphic design, manufacturing, and installation services. We also have a broad array of signs for indoor and outdoor use. We’re happy to help you with your compliance project from beginning to end!



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