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Frosted Vinyl / Etched Window Films

Looking for a way to add style and privacy to windows and glass walls? Frosted vinyl delivers a flexible, beautiful solution. At Window n’ Wall Graphics, we specialise in helping our clients find the perfect solution for their home or business, including window frosting.

Frosted Vinyl / Etched Window Films

Frosted vinyl is translucent but not transparent. Sometimes referred to as etched or sandblasted film, it allows light to enter through a window, door, or window wall, but offers privacy and security because it blocks at least part of the view. Sandblasting offers the same look but costs a great deal more and is quite time-consuming. Frosted vinyl offers an identical aesthetic for a faction of the cost. Unlike sandblasting, which is permanent, frosted vinyl can be changed at any point without the need to remove and replace the underlying glass.

Styles of Frosted Vinyl

You’ll find a wide range of window frosting styles available through Window n’ Wall Graphics. We’re proud to offer multiple options to help meet your needs, including:

Reverse Cut: Reverse cut frosted vinyl offers outstanding privacy, while still providing the means to include an image and/or wording. The logo/wording is transparent (cut out) while the rest of the design is translucent.

Standard Cut: Standard cut frosted vinyl is ideal for adding a company’s name and logo to doors, windows, and other glass but does not offer the same privacy as other solutions.

Printed: Want to add colour and privacy? Printed frosted vinyl can do the trick. Choose from a range of colours to match your stylistic needs or your existing logo while blocking at least part of the view through the door or window.

Blank: Blank frosted vinyl is an excellent solution for commercial, industrial, and even residential windows where privacy is wanted and there is no need for a design. It can be installed over an entire window or other glass surface, or in bands at different heights to create a unique look and feel.

A Range of Types: In addition to the styles mentioned above, frosted vinyl is available in a number of types, including crystal glass, etched film, frosted sparkle, haze, and numerous others. Each offers a different amount of light transmission and provides more or less privacy to suit your unique needs and goals.

Benefits of Frosted and Etched Window Films

Frosted vinyl and etched window films deliver a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Privacy
  • Improved security
  • Can be used with DDA safety and compliance glazing bands
  • Versatile enough for residential, commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings
  • Custom printed to improve branding
  • Helps with heat/cooling retention

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