How does your design process work?
Once you get in touch with us, we’ll conduct a full assessment of your needs to determine which type of sign(s) will deliver optimum results. Then, one of our expert designers will work with you to create a sign that achieves your goals while embodying your brand’s values and identity. Get in touch with us to learn more or to start the design process.
Will my sign be breakable?
That depends on the type of sign you choose. Our vinyl signs, wall murals, decals, and the like are not breakable ( unless torn with sharp implement after installed) , but 3D signs and acrylic signs can be broken. While not breakable, our fabric frames and canvases can be torn and should be handled with care. We always recommend professional installation (our team is happy to help!) to avoid any damage.
How long does it take to create my sign?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each project is unique, and every timeline will be different. Smaller jobs, such as printing a single banner, will take less time than larger jobs, such as creating multiple fabric frames and canvases. We can give you an estimated timeline during the consultation.

What types of vinyl do you offer?

We offer many different vinyl types to suit varying needs and goals. For instance, frosted vinyl is an excellent option for situations that require light transmission but limited transparency – you can only see a silhouette of what is behind the vinyl. This option also looks great with our full colour printed graphics adopted to the film .


Our transparent coloured window films can transform the colour of your windows without blocking your view.

This transparent window film will totally transform the look of your glazing whilst allowing vision and light to pass through in both directions.


One Way Vision is made from perforated vinyl film. The tiny perforated holes allow visibility from the inside of your premises, while anyone viewing from the outside will see your window graphics.

For more privacy but where light transmission is important, we can offer translucent vinyl in may different colours, which also can have your printed graphics.

Finally, we can offer opaque vinyl for the utmost in privacy combined with no light transmission.

Can your vinyl wall decals and wall murals adhere to a rough surface?

We realise that our clients have many different surface types, and we tailor our offerings to match. Our decals and murals can adhere easily to glass and plasterboard/drywall, but also to concrete and brick if necessary. We guarantee the same performance and longevity for all installation types if we install the signs for you. 


There are precautions for some painted surfaces that may have repelling additives,  where a sealer or clear coat may need to be applied to ensure the vinyl will adhere to optimal levels.

How do I know what type of sign I need?

 We can work with you to determine what type of sign or combination of sign types will best suit your purposes. We know the questions to ask in order to help you decide on an appropriate type of sign, and our unparalleled experience and expertise in this area allow us to explore your options with you.

How big can your fabric frames and canvases be?

We can accommodate almost any needs with your fabric frames and canvases. We can customise our production equipment to create images and lettering on almost any scale. This allows us to easily create fabric prints small enough to hang on an upright in a retail facility, large enough to create an entire booth wall in a tradeshow application. Our fabric frames and canvases can also be single or double-sided, are lightweight and easily transported, and can be static or backlit. We’re very excited about this technology and would love to tell you more! Drop us a line to get in touch. 

What types of vinyl signs can you offer?

We can create almost any type of vinyl sign you might need, from banners to wall decals and wall wraps. Vinyl is durable, affordable, and our expertise and wide format printing equipment allow us to quickly and professionally design, create, and install signs to help you achieve your goals. From window signs to form cut wall decals, we do it all.

Can you create vinyl signs in different colours?

Yes, we offer a wide range of colours and colour combinations from off the shelf calendered self adhesive vinyl to large format printed colours to match your particular branding colours that may not be available off the shelf.. Speak with one of our expert designers to learn more about your options.